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CamTech Advanced Digital Surveillance
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CamTech Advanced Digital Surveillance

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CamTech Surveillance


CamTech Surveillance
CamTech Surveillance
CamTech Surveillance

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CamTech Surveillance
CamTech Surveillance
CamTech Surveillance
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CamTech Surveillance
CamTech Surveillance
CamTech Surveillance

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Geovision DVR Systems


Complete Geovision DVR Systems. Including PC platform, choice of hard drives and monitors. Pre-configured and ready to secure your assets!

Built upon comprehensive and easy-to-integrate hardware and supporting technologies, the GV-Surveillance and Video Management Platform is the core system platform that provides performance-optimized video monitoring and various advanced video analytics/control features to support many of enterprise’s management functions. It is a scalable, extensible platform that can be customized and seamlessly integrated with other security system applications, such as:

  1. POS/ ATM/ EAS for loss prevention
  2. Access Control for building automation
  3. License Plate Recognition system for law enforcement, entrance control and revenue collection
  4. Megapixel IP devices for critical area and mobile object monitoring
  5. Central Monitoring stations for high profile security areas in commercial, industrial and residential markets

In addition the remote management WebCam and versatile storage system framework offer high scalability and extensibility for future integration with other functions or systems at remote sites.

  • Main System
    • Support for new GV-Video Capture Cards: GV-600B, GV-650B, GV-800B, GV-900A and GV-4008A
    • AAC 16 kHz / 16 bit audio codec
    • Object tracking in fisheye view
    • Support for recording in standard type of H.264, MPEG4 and JPEG codec
    • Live view buffer and frame rate control
    • Wide Angle Lens Dewarping
    • Support for new GeoVision IP devices: GV-BL120D, GV-BL130D, GV-BL220D, GV-BL320D, GV-BX120DW, GV-BX130D, GV-BX520D, GV-CB120, GV-CB220, GV-FD120D, GV-FD130D, GV-FD220D, GV-FD320D, GV-FE420 / 421, GV-FE520 / 521, GV-MFD120, GV-MFD130, GV-MFD220, GV-MFD320, GV-MFD520, GV-VD120D, GV-VD220D, GV-VD320D, GV-Compact DVR V3 (4CH), GV-Compact DVR V3 (8CH) and GV-VS04H
    • Support for ACTi TCM-7811
    • Support for more Arecont Vision IP cameras: AV10005, AV2825, AV1325, AV5125DN, AV5115, AV3115 and AV3125
    • Support for more AXIS IP cameras: M3113 and P5532
    • Support for more D-Link IP cameras: DCS-2102, DCS-3410 and DCS-3430
    • Support for HUNT IP cameras: HLC-15M, HLC-81M and HLC-84M
    • Support for more Pelco IP cameras: D5118, IM10C10 and IX10DN
    • Support for Samsung SNB-3000
    • Support for Sony SNC-CH120
    • Support for TAKEX IP cameras (only for Japan market): NCC-130P, NBC-130P and NSC-130
  • ViewLog / Single Player
    • Support for saving dewarped fisheye view in AVI format
    • Wide Angle Lens Dewarping
  • Authentication Server
    • Support for Windows Active Directory
  • Control Center
    • Multiple Screen with which a video wall can be established
  • GV-GIS
    • Three recording modes available for Mobile Hosts: manual recording, record by event and record upon input trigger
    • User-defined storage groups and recycle settings
  • New Application
    • Mobile Server for accessing GV-System using RTSP protocols


  • Main System
    • Enhanced H.264 decoding and support for GPU decoding
    • Support for configuration change without stopping recording
    • Added display ratio adjustment for fisheye view
    • Support for connection with POS devices using OPOS and TCP/IP protocol
    • Added advanced video attributes adjustment for GV-IP cameras
    • Automatic setup of IP devices within an IP range
    • Support for PTZ functions through ONVIF
    • Added environmental change filter to reduce false alarm in Advanced Motion Detection
    • Added sensitivity adjustment in Face Detection
    • Added noise tolerance adjustment in Object Index and Face Detection
    • Added snapshot frequency for Video Snapshot
    • Support for dual stream in GV-IP Speed Dome
    • Added auto iris to PTZ control panel for GV-IP Speed Dome
  • ViewLog
    • Enhanced multi-channel playback to provide higher frame rates
    • Added Direct Merge to save videos in AVI format at a faster speed
    • Added face mask function to detect and blur human faces for privacy purposes
    • Support for backup to blu-ray disc using OS-burning
    • Display of average vehicle speed when playing back video recorded by GV-Compact DVR V3
  • Center V2
    • Quick insertion of subscriber name and ID to e-mail and SMS notification messages
    • Event category tabs on the main window (only for Pro version)
    • A configurable category tab on the main window, showing the events customized for the tab (only for Pro version)
    • Alert level feature with which events of different alert levels are distinguished by color (only for Pro version)
    • Support for GV-I/O Boxes of Ethernet module connected to the Center V2 Server through the network
    • Image size adjustment on the EZ player window with which source images can be adjusted to fit the EZ player window
    • Support for Storage Group, and variable recycle size which increases when the number of connected channels increases
    • Wide Angle Lens Dewarping for correcting image distortion
  • Dispatch Server
    • Manual dispatch of subscribers to any online Center V2 Servers
    • Support for automatic distribution of a subscriber to a user-defined Center V2 Server whenever this server is online
  • VSM
    • Device tree, showing subscribers, their devices and status on the main window
    • A configurable category tab on the main window, showing the events customized for the tab
    • Alert level feature with which events of different alert levels are distinguished by color on the main window
    • Temperature alarm to notify the operator when the subscriber (most GV-IP Cameras and GV-System with GV-3008 Card) has reached or exceeded the specified temperature
    • Notification messages for a lost or undetectable device, recycling of GV-System recordings, login change of GV-System subscribers, and POS connection status
  • Control Center
    • Live view display on VMD window when an input is triggered and/or a specified temperature is reached or exceeded
    • Wide Angle Lens Dewarping for correcting image distortion
    • Search feature which queries for the events occurred at DVR hosts under the criteria defined
    • User-configurable monitor display position for each matrix
  • Backup Server
    • Recycle settings for Backup Server independent from those for GV-System
  • iPod / iPad Application
    • GV-Eye HD V1.0 and GV-Eye now supports 1.3 megapixel live view